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Comfortable. Cool. Eclectic

Local Traveler is “oxymoronish” in that it combines neighborhood yet worldly experiences for the patrons through its atmosphere, food, drink, and events.

Local Traveler wants to be that place to drop by for a meal or a drink. To meet friends. To spark conversation. To unwind and relax. And to celebrate that special occasion/event. A place where you feel just as comfortable wearing a t-shirt or lycra as you would a tux.

Local Traveler can deliver multiple experiences - hanging in the lounge, watching a game or listening to music with your dog on the patio, enjoying a great meal at the chef’s table, conversing with friends in the back garden, or sipping a mimosa at Sunday brunch. Choices abound. 

So drive on over, ride your bike, take an Uber, or jump on an electric scooter and experience the refined casual (“oxymoronish”) food and drinks of Local Traveler. Comfortable. Cool. Eclectic. Your place in your backyard.

Jeff and Jessica Burrow and Stan and Lezlie Vlasimsky have lived in East Dallas and the White Rock Lake area for the better part of 3 decades. Jessica and Lezlie became friends as their kids attended the same schools from kindergarten through high school.  Jeff and Stan had plenty of opportunities to get to know each other at school carnivals, auctions and kids’ sporting events.  Their families also traveled together to Florida, Montana and a wine drinking week in Tuscany.

In 2011, they joined the investor group that bought the LOT property and a year later became part of the LOT restaurant group. As they retired and moved away from their day jobs, Jeff and Stan became more involved in the day-to-day operations at the LOT, taking notes from long-time restauranteur and LOT investor/GM, John McBride.

With the restaurant bug firmly in place, the duo noticed how the Garland corridor (“Garlandia”), was beginning to gain popularity as a destination for those looking for different experiences. With the old Centennial liquor store and Jimmy’s Wheel In next to the LOT sitting vacant, they saw an opportunity to do something special in that space. Why not offer an experience that combines great dining, an extensive bar, and a deep wine list in one unique space? Hence came the idea for ‘Local Traveler” – a place of many possible experiences.

Shortly after Jeff and Stan had committed to building Local Traveler, a well-known Dallas restauranteur told them, “If I had known you guys before you committed to this, I would have told you to drive to the desert, dig a big hole, and bury your money instead of putting it into a restaurant.” After some time contemplating that sage advice over a nice bottle of wine and a glass of excellent scotch, Jeff and Stan decided to move forward anyway. Local Traveler opened in June of 2018.




7522 E. Grand Ave I Dallas, Tx 75214

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